Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Third Brake Light - 92 Caprice

Ok so I got pulled over the other day for not having a third high mount brake light. So this is a tutorial on how to fix it.

First you need to go to the store and purchase a light. I went to Advance Auto and they will look it up for you if you cannot remember but the number is a 2057.  So the guy wouldn't help me install it even after I asked him, so rather than pay a mechanic and arm and a leg to install a light I figured I would do it myself.  The light cost me about 3 dollars. Can you imagine paying a mechanic a bill too along with 3 bucks, me neither....

I searched online and could not find any more information on it so I took a video which I am going to try to post on youtube or something , never posted a video before but this will help people so it is for a good cause.

  • Park your car pop open the trunk. You don't need any tools.
  • Find the socket under the top of the trunk (looks like base of a bulb holder in a house light, black)
  • Turn the socket to the LEFT and pull down.
  • Push the bulb IN, turn to the LEFT and pull out (similar to child proof lid concept)
  • Reverse the steps with a new bulb.
It really is this simple. I got these instructions form my car manual which happened to find afterwards.

So there it is and you test the brake so you will need a person to see to if it worked or maybe do a mirror trick.  That's it, no ticket.

Random Link: 1992-chevy-caprice horn relay diagram (under dash)