A little bit about me

        I am a wife and a mother of a little boy. I live in a small town in Virginia. I am in the mountains and love it. I am an only child. I like to play video games and do crafts. I like to sew and I like cleaning products. I listen to classical symphonic music and opera , but I like other categories as well , my least favorite is pop hip hop and rap, only because it's more of a commercial now. I used to be a cake decorator but now I stay at home with my kid. I enjoy a glass of champagne. I like to play RPG games and real time strategies. I am gluten free and proud. I drink water but I do not like it. I like to watch videos of people doing different things like on YouTube or liveleak. I enjoy laughter , but I respect melancholy. I prefer rain to sunshine. Leaving the cap off of a bottle annoys me. Not squeezing form the bottom of the toothpaste also annoys me. I like Hello Kitty, but I don't wear it. I like to walk on hiking trails and I love to explore. I read the news everyday and I play on yahoo answers too much. I like silent films and rarely like new movies. I collect glass miniatures and Victorian plates. I don't love Lucy and I feel sorry for Marylin Monroe. I don't like to talk about religion or politics. I like to draw, paint and write. I like copper bracelets and I prefer precious stones over diamonds. Martha is a role model to me even though she cheats on the stocks , but everyone makes mistakes.  I have the most perfect angel little boy in the world and so does every other mom. My husband is a good and loyal man. We love each other very much, we met and, engaged and married in less than 3 months. We are now going on 4 years and haven't had a fight yet. I don't like bills, but I am sure not really anyone does. I was voted "dares to be different" for my senior superlative. I like to wear black and earth tones. I have a lot of pink in my closet though. I like shoes, but I don't obsess over them. I like to interpret my dreams, but I have a lot of reoccurring ones. I enjoy children's fantasy movies. One of my favorite actors is Warwick Davis, he has a great smile. One of my favorite actresses is Maggie Smith, she has a grace about her that shines. I love the Golden Girls. Designing women are OK. I like teddy bears, but things with eyes freak me out at night.
I consider myself a very spiritual person. I like to read about the paranormal and unexplained. I like to read about aliens but am a skeptic to their existence. I like coconut fresh but hate it form a bag. I like Butterfingers in ice cream but do not like it alone. I like the language arts but do not correct my own writing. I hate laundry. One of my favorite songs is Piano sonata no. 14 in C sharp minor by Beethoven. I am the biggest bargain shopper I know yet I hate coupons. I end up playing a healer in almost every game I play. I am fascinated my sea monsters and myths. I am cynical and jaded at times. I love Autumn and decorate my living room in all year Autumn. I don't like sunlight, I prefer artificial unless I am walking. I don't like reality shows and do not watch popular sitcoms. My favorite color is green.