Sunday, October 23, 2011

Babies! Part 1


Here I am pregnant again and have some fun things to do if you are pregnant and good sites to go to if you are lost the first time around.
Fun things

Morphthing this is a hilarious site , but you can morph you and a celeb to see what baby  might look like. Mine came out pretty close to my first son. So hopefully this is close to a reality for you , if you have a spouse or significant other or bf or "the sperm donor" (whatever you wanna call him) that looks like a celeb than this is great.

Naming the baby!

Having another child is great, but what to name him or her? The first was easy because I named him after his father which was his wish and we agreed the second child would be mine to name! It is really hard because I want the perfect name and I am an etymology freak. So I have researched names over and over and even have books, but the Internet provides most of the same answers as the books anymore and its about 15.99 cheaper.

My fave sites are these two and babynames. These both have great resources but turn your volume off on babynames they have annoying ads running screaming and shouting while you are trying to concentrate. I believe in the destiny of a name i mentioned in a previous blog so if you think so too these sites help out a WHOLE lot.

How is the baby's growth and what to expect? has a great website for showing you what your little disc or bean looks like before it starts getting all the normal baby features. You can even test you ovulation here if you need to or just play around it. Its nice to know exactly how far along you are. I must say I skipped 2 months period before I even got impregnated so my dates were way off even at the doctor's office. They thought I was 11 weeks and I was really 5.5 weeks. We found out through our first ultrasound or as I like to call it "the horse" I will try to find a picture of the first scan you get which is vaginal (it isn't that comfortable)
It is wiggled around by the scanner person and if this is your first time doing a pregnancy this should be the last time but it is a dropped drawer visit.  First time and second time to me this thing felt like a period cramp. You don't even get a dinner first! This is supposed to be at 11 weeks or near that and you get to hear the heart beat and takes pictures of you little bean wiggling around. It makes for for the cold jelly lube on the condomed equipment.

First thing after you pee on the stick you have to get yourself to a doctor. You want to find an OBGYN not just gynecologist. because If you Doctor is an obstetrician as well than he or she will know your file and all your do and dont's before you even go into labor. They also have the information for you that you need to know. Like what not to eat and don't smoke etc.  I suggest doing your research before you even walk in, I mean who wants a crappy doc right? Well this is how I found out pretty accurate results. I googled the building (ex. crab street obgyn) then it should list who works there under the address etc. Then I went to this website where real people give real surveys of the docs you have. You can type in their name and see what real people give them on a star basis survey. This is pretty accurate according to my obgyns in the past.

Expect to fill 100 papers. Everything from how many sexual partners you have had to chicken pox was asked on my paperwork. Most places have an online database and they give you a site and a password. Some still do the old fill it out and check yes or no. Mine was both since I had one babe before the digital conversion and one after. So I had to fill out my medical history twice!
If you don't want your mom or spouse etc knowing your history don't take them on the first visit. This is where you fill out your autobiography in file form.

After this they check your weight height and blood pressure. Then you get the wheel. Figure out when your last period was before you go. It is usually the first question they ask you. If you don't know try you best to get close. If you are going for a baby it's to just make a mark on the calendar to help you remember.  They base your ovulation on this but the prenology site above can tell you as well. The wheel is just a paper calculator of your dates when to do an appointment etc. I asked my doctor to print me off a copy of it and he did! (More scrap book material)

Each time you expect weight and BP to be taken. And don't wear embarrassing underwear because they surprise you with the drop drawer visits. I felt kind of bad one time having a thong laying in the chair but the doc didn't seem to care lol. My husband went to all my first baby's appointments and teases me about everything there. I suggest if you can to have them or someone you trust around in the room with you , not only for safety but also to break tension.  Just

You spend most of your time waiting for the doctor and reading magazines. Another reason to go with someone. If you have kids best not to tag them along because they are going to get restless in the lobby if you can babysit them off for a few hours. At about 18 to 20 weeks you get another scan ultrasound done.  Then usually one more before the baby comes. These are usually the one that look like price scanners not a horse. This tells you the sex of the baby! be sure to tell them ahead of time if you don't want to know. They check its heart and show you legs and hands etc. My doctor told us to bring a writable rvdvd to the shoot for a video and we got some photos. I don't know if everywhere does this.  I got my DVD thingies at Walgreen's, I was in a pinch and forgot them pre-appointment.  My son had no problem showing his anatomy with his hands behind his back in a hammock laying position. I hear that if they close their legs and shy away it is likely a girl , but this could be a wives's tale.