Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Babies part 2

Today was the second appointment. I had to get a pap smear, A scan, a breast exam and pee cup test. So this visit was bottoms and tops off. At least I remembered to shave my legs this time lol. At first i had to go in and pee in a cup and I am not talented at this art. I always get my hand wet and get very nervous and aggravated. So after you slide the sample in the little door, you go and wait for a few minutes. I was taken back and told to get naked. So then you get naked and you get a few peices of cloth that you "drape" over over you. Its basically a bib and large dinner napkin. So they checked my breasts and that seemed good. Then he stuck the cold duck bills in and took his samples. His nurse stuck a ball with cold jelly scanner to find a heartbeat. They like to press it hard and sometimes you will jump because it hurts a little and feels like crap. Then I had an awful thing happen. NO HEARTBEAT!!

"don't panic or worry" she says. OMG no heartbeat and you tell me not worry I am devestated. So she brings in a belly scanner and there it was a heartbeat phewwww... sighs of relief. The baby was just really active and never settled down. We barely got a clear picture. I finally got to see what every mother wants to see a beautiful head and feet and arms. It crossed its little legs for the picture. Unlike my son who thrusted himself in the camera every chance he got. So I heard a wives tale that this leg crossing is the girl being shy. I have no idea , but I guess that time will tell.

So i got cleaned up then they tell me they need some blood so I went to he lab part of the building and got 6 vials of blood taken. I did this very well but needed to sit down after i left the building because I got sick and a little light headed. They were rushing to get me out of there today because it started snowing here. It looked like it was going to be bad, but it didn't stick , fine with me I got all this done in one hour.

I got a list of meds that I can take while pregnant.
 I think they should give this list at first sign, but here it is so you can see in case you forgot or haven't gotten your letter yet:

They say not to take meds until you are 12 weeks preg- but in moderation these are okay:
Tylenol regular or extra strength, actifed or sudafed cold, robotussin, tums, rolaids, mylanta, milk of magnesia, citrucel, metamucil, preparation H, tucks

On the second page It tells you the others you can have: (some are listed twice)

Calcium supplement-Tums calcium for life- bone health

Headache/fever-Tylenol 2 tabs every 4 hours as needed

Colds, stuffy head use children doses-Actifed, Sudafed tablets, dimetapp, Tylenol Cold and sinus,
Mucinex, Ocean mist nose drops, Saline nasal spray

Cough use children's doses-Robotussin liquid, Benylin

Sleep Aide-Tylenol PM

Heartburn, gas, sour stomach-Tums, Riopan liquid or tablets, Zantac, Prilosec, Maalox, Mylanta tablets

Constipation-Citrucel (powder or caplet), Colace, Senakot, Surfak, Doxidon (stool softner)

Diarrhea-Immodium, Kaopectate, Citrucel (only 4 ounces of water, or call for an RX if needed)

Nausea/ Vomiting-Emetrol, Vitamin B6, Ginger Capsule or call for an RX if needed.

Rash- Benadryl or Benadryl cream, Hydrocortisone Cream

Yeast- Monistat

Paniful Urination- Start with large amount of water or cranberry juice. Avoid carbonated and sugar beverages. Call your doctor.

Call the Doc if you have a med that's not listed that says safe. Better safe than sorry.

Things not to do while Prego:
- x-rays
- meds until 12 weeks
- that your doctors all of them even dentist know your knocked up
- changing kitty litter- parasites live in the cat poop
-partially cooked meat - now medium rare etc (toxoplasmosis)
- Lifting heavy weights- nothing over 25 pounds
-contact sports - swimming and walking are best
- dental work unitl 12 weeks at least
-dying you hair

You get asked for an hiv scan this time. and a down syndrome test. I say no to any needles poking the baby. Blood tests are okay with me, but I am not going to stick a needle toward the babies head. It seems to me that a 20% chance of sticking the baby in the head or elsewhere with a needle to obtain fluid is better than the chance that it  is DS than making it DS with the needle. No thank you. After you deny it the Doc says well most parents do. I knew a couple that had this done when I was a kid. The child had no eyes. I asked why the baby had no eyeballs (being a kid and having no tact) then the mom said she had the needle test done and they hit his eyes. I remembered how hapy that baby was , but how sad people looked at him. I vowed no needles in my baby's face.  If the baby needs special care than God made it that way- I'll love my child no matter problems it has.

You get screened for diabetes soon. about 26- 28 weeks blugh. This test sucks if you fail the first part. The second part is drinking this syrupy soda and NOT puking. It makes you so sick its like maple syrup thick and tastes like a foul orange soda. You have to keep it down or do it again. I got blood tested every  hour for 3 hours with nothing to do in between time and no eating. Just water. 

You get Rh blood screening around this time too, if negative you get a shot called Rhogam - that's supposed to prevent antibody formation that might harm the baby.

at 35 weeks you get swabbed for Strep culture- this is taken vaginall and rectaclly.  This bacteria grows in your GI tract. You get special intructions and you have to wear a special IV when you deliver the babe.

They tell you that average weight gain is 25 to 30 pounds.

 You can have sex still. If you have probelms before with preterm labor or bleeding stop having sex. Call your doctor if you bleed.

They should give you childbirth classes at this time as well.

You need to call your insurance 4 weeks before  due date.  Some require earlier notices, best to call ahead and find out then be left behind. 30 weeks is best.

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