Sunday, June 19, 2011

GF Cake pops

I am sure you have seen this new fad going around , a cake on a stick.
I have seen them at Starbucks and thought Oh I want one , but I need a gf alternative. So i looked up some recipes and made my own. I am not sure where these came from , I have seen many different people say they were the first, Whatever or whoever they came from , I am glad. It's is a new cute food fad and something to do.

This is how I made organic gf cake pops.

Box of GF cake mix ( I used Betty Crocker )
Water, butter, 3 eggs

Pamela's vanilla frosting mix- any gf frosting mix will do as long as it is light and fluffy
vegetable shortening, water

A food processor is nice, but you can do it by hand

stand mixer or hand/bowl mixer

cookie sheet

wax paper

lollipop sticks (found at craft stores or walmart , Wilton's etc or even online-- some have substituted Popsicle)

nice rubber spatula


decorations , like sprinkles or jimmies, hundreds and thousands, whatever you want to put on it.

chocolate or vanilla melt mix , you can use color or regular

double boiler (microwave in a pinch)

a cardboard box small or Styrofoam block


What to do:

Bake the cake according to the directions on the box or make your own scratch cake. I tried to make mine a little on the dry side , you don't want a really moist cake. After cake is done let it cool off and set it aside. Make your frosting and set it aside. Take the cooled cake and blend the cake in the food processor until the pieces are a little bigger than sand. Blend the cake crumbs and the frosting very slowly until the cake is a play dough consistency. Use an ice cream scoop or your hands to make balls or cake shape and set on the wax paper that is one the cookie sheet. Put in the freezer for a few hours to stiffen them up. When they are ready take them out and melt a little bit of the chocolate in the microwave or stove- a very small amount. Stick the stick in the chocolate and stick it securely in the cake ball. Do each one in the chocolate then the stick , if you put the all sticks in the chocolate it will cool off too fast. You do this so this stick will be secure when you turn them upside down and cake balls don't roll off. Place these back into the freezer. When they are cooled off and secure then melt the rest of the chocolate and dip the cake balls into the chocolate, drip over the bowl until the chocolate is not running. When it cools off a bit place sprinkles or decor on the ball and set it like a lollipop in the Styrofoam or if using a cardboard box a few holes need to be made in it to hold the cake pops. Let these cool and dry. After dried you can add lollipop wrappers or ribbons to the sticks , whatever you want too add at the end. Additionally, you can mold the cake balls into shapes like skulls for Halloween or mini cupcakes for a cute idea.  These take a while to make over all because you go back and forth , but they are great for parties.


This person used reese to make a a cupcake bottom.

Cupcake cake pops

Shamrocks and clover are my all time favorite plant and flower

You don't have to stop at cake pops , you can do this with brownies, cheesecake or cookiedough , or even pies on sticks.

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